Alterbeast "Immortal" CD

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"Immortal" is an 8 track album with which will consume the listener from
start to finish with an intense and dynamic blend of technical and melodic
writing. ALTERBEAST sets the scene with grievous piano preceding the onset
of "Flesh Bound Text" which comes in with blistering drums and guitars
effortlessly making their way around the fret board. Every piece truly has
its’ own personality on this record, whether it's the apocalyptic
soundscapes of "Ancient's Retribution", the devastating aggression of "Vile
Remnants" or the unmerciful grooves in "Throne of Maggots". This album has
something for every listener and comes together seamlessly to form as a
breathtaking whole. "'Immortal' is what spawned from hard work, dedication,
and downright brutal musicianship" front man Cam Rogers states. "It has
intricate solos, absolutely crushing interludes and brutal circle-pit
anthems. 'Immortal' has become exactly what we intended it to be: a
gripping and intense death metal album."

Track List:

Flesh Bound Text
Of Decimus Divine
Vile Remnants
Ancient's Retribution
Mutilated Marvel
Into Oblivion
Throne of Maggots