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Dawn Of Azazel "Relentless" CD

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Dawn of Azazel is a death metal band from New Zealand. They have played around the world in countries such as U.S., Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Czech Republic, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. In February 2008 It was announced that Martin Cavanagh would be departing the band, shortly after, He was replaced by Jeremy Suckling of Wellington deathcore band Scoria. Dawn of Azazel have finished recording the new album entitled 'Relentless', set to be released on 13 October on Unique Leader Records - The album was recorded at Mana Studios in Florida and was produced by Brian Elliott.

1. The Art of Seduction - I - Engine of Virility (2:10)
2. The Art of Seduction - II - Ravishment (3:42)
3. Perseverance (3:59)
4. Majesty (5:59)
5. Overcome It All (6:31)
6. I Relentless (4:30)
7. Fornication Revelation (3:08)
8. Liquor And Lust (8:34)
9. Sinew, Sin, Discipline (5:05)
10. By My Hand (5:24)
11. The Flames of Failure (6:40)