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The whole idea of starting a band was born in 1992 in the heads of two unexperienced lamers: Novy and Bony, who in these days were able just to count the strings in the guitar. First concretes were in 1993/1994. The first lineup was completed: Novy – bass, voc; Bony – guitar; Piotr – guitar; Kuba – drums. The name was Cerebral Concussion. With this lineup, on their own, they recorded a first demo “The Rule”, promoted in Polish and Euroean underground. The year 1006 brought the serious decision of recording the material for an album in order to sign the contract, so this happened in April of this year. However, only by the end of 1996 the solution of this problem appeared. Due to M. Kmiolek the band signed two-album contract with French record company, Listenable Rec. and changed the name to Devilyn. The material, which had been recorded before, due to Listenable Rec., debuted as an album entitled “Anger” in the whole world. Great press – reviews caused the first professional tour over Europe in 1998, by the side of such bands as Cannibal Corpse and Krabathor. In this year also compositions for the new album were created, which was recorded in the autumn 1998. In the year 1999 the next album of Devilyn entitled “Reborn in Pain” was released. Unfortunately, this title became a bad prophecy for the band for next two years. Lack of promotion, personal problems and many more factors caused a break in touring and composing. The year 2000 was another important break in band’s life. Piotr, Kuba and the session guitarist, Borowa left the band. Instead, the new faces came to Devilyn: Basti (drums) and Dino (guitar) were the new ones, sharing the duties with their own project, Spinal Cord, they sacrificed themselves to a new band. The effect came quickly. The “new blood” in the band caused the original and extreme music. Great understanding between the musicians and the technical abilities brought a significant mark to the new music of Devilyn! The band received new help, from M. Wardzala, what caused the new contract, with Pastic Head – Blackend. By the end of year 2001, the new masterpiece came, “Artefact”. Stability within the group didn’t last for long. In result of a misunderstanding, in 2002, in the band stays only Bony, the founder of Devilyn. Novy joins Vader, while Dino and Basti concentrate on playing with Spinal Cord. Fortunately new musicians appear in the band who have a siginificant influence on the creation of the new album “11.” This is how the new, 5 member squad looks like: Bony(guitar), Zycklon(bass), Domin(drums), Erian(guitar), Michal(vocals). The quintet played at quite a few concerts in 2003 and 2004, in Poland as well as abroad. With this new line-up, the band entered the Hertz studio in November 2004 to record their best so far album entitled “XI.” This album has been getting everyone on their knees from the beginning, prooving the fact that Devilyn is not only a temporary phenomenon and it’s career is just the beginning…

1. The Counting of Quartered Heavens
2. The Enemy Within
3. FaithThe List
4. Degrade Flower
5. God Eater
6. Charming Maidens With No Skin
7. The Seven Virtues Divine
8. Searching For the beauty