Dominion "Born God and Aware" CD

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Sometimes death strikes when least expected and noone could have foreseen the storm unleashed in 2004 when Victor Brandt and Jocke Olofsson spawned Dominion. The goal was to create ‘top of the line’ audio violence. More extreme than the bands that they grew up listening to and two steps further than the bands that they listen to today. Being totally in to deathmetal and musical skills (playing, writing songs, producing) it was a given from the onset what mattered. No demos have been made, ‘There was no point. We had both means and material for a full length album. So why settle for anything less?’, states Victor Brandt. In ruthless development and speed, Dominion finished the album ‘Born God and Aware’ and kept on writing songs. During the final stage of recording, the boys inked their names on a contract with Unique Leader ‘We are verry proud to be working with a lable of such great tradition and total devotion to brutality!’ The debute album ‘Born God and Aware’ (artwork by Per Olofsson) is unleashed in 2006 and takes brutality to new extremes! Victor Brandts sickening abuse of strings and zombiefied growls along with Jocke O’s blast-o-rama is a total show of extreme and fast deathmetal combined with superior technique and catchy riffs! It seems that Dominion is an unstoppable force, growing stronger and hungrier. They are. Submit to the brutality cause this is deathmetal domination! ‘You are as sand and the winds are blowing’.


1. The Endless
2. Appreciate To Mutilate
3. A Demonstration Of Domination
4. Legion Dominion
5. Born God And Aware
6. Temple Of Insects
7. I Bury Blades
8. World Downfall
9. Dominance Hierarchy
10. Elite