Internal Suffering

Internal Suffering "Awakening of the Rebel" CD

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Internal Suffering is a technical death metal band from Pereira, Colombia. The band plays a brand of death metal with deep guttural vocals, extensive use of blast beats, frantic guitar sweeps and lyrical themes heavily influenced by Thelema and Magick. Internal Suffering have since relocated to New York.


1. Intro: Thelemite Forces Attack
2. Awakening Of The Rebel (the Universe Shall Be Ours... Awake!)
3. Magnificent Uranus Power (the Dark Side Of The Sun | Bringer O
4. F Knowledge)
5. Transfiguration Of The Devotee (reborn Within The Womb Of Baba
6. Lon)
7. Arrival Of A New Aeon (new Equinox Of The Gods)
8. Evocation Of The Secret Gate (crossing The Barrier... I Am Imm
9. Ortal!)
10. Masters Of Sorcery (the Terrible Invokation Ov Tzeentch!)
11. Ascension To Immortality (apotheosis Of Freedom)
12. Highest Key Of The Illuminati (liber Samekh)
13. Thelemic Conqueror (the Splendor Of A New Law)