Mortal Decay

Mortal Decay "Cadaver Art" CD

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Mortal Decay - Cadaver Art (CD)

Devastating and catchy guitar riffs, small and good guitar solos, fast and complex drum-beats, really low bass-lines and dual vocalizations, that's Mortal Decay overall, a Brutal New Jersey death metal band doing things the right way!

For fans of: Internal Bleeding, Origin, Behemoth, Suffocation, Dehumanized, Skinless

1. Consumption
2. Cadaverous Sculptures Part 1 - Preparing For Display
3. Butcher Knife Phlebotomy
4. The Ravenous Addicted
5. Cadaverous Sculptures Part 2 - Morbid Fixations
6. Re-Animate
7. Ripped, Chopped, Severed
8. Ruthlessly Scissored
9. Exit Mortality

Street date: 09/20/05