Odious Mortem

Odious Mortem "Devouring The Prophecy" CD

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At first glance Odious Mortem seems like your everyday cliche death metal band. But this is far from the truth. No ridiculous solos or monster drum fills to be had here, just plain old brutal, powerful, fast, and relentless death metal, the riffs are not only crushing and powerful, but they offer a driving force that pushes the listener to stay tuned. This may not be a breakthrough album, but it sure is a great one.
For fans of: Neuraxis, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Deicide, Malignancy, Cerebral Bore

1. Debacle By Cephalopod
2. Caverns of Reason
3. Nothing Beyond The Rot
4. Golden Excretion
5. Thought Disruption
6. Carpal Tunnel
7. Third Pawn
8. Morton's Neuronoma
9. Gristle Dripping Scab
10. Cerebral Dissection