Soreption "Engineering the Void" 12"

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Soreption is a Technical Death Metal band from Sweden having razor sharp
technical riffs, schizophrenic time signatures topped with catchy chugging
grooves and intense vocals. They have created their signature sound not
yet replicated by any other modern band with a strong following to back.
Their debut album “Deterioration of minds”, mixed and produced at Ninetone
Studios by Tommy and Chris Rehn from ANGTORIA was released 2010 and
brought major attention to the band as a formidable force in the genre.
The album will be re issued by Unique Leader Records in 2014. The long
awaited punishing new album "Engineering the Void" is available February
18th 2014 on Unique Leader Records and once again offer the fans of
Soreption what they have been longing for and will not disappoint.