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The Ordher "Kill The Betrayers" CD

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The Ordher - Kill The Betrayers (CD) (2009)
The Ordher, the Brazilian Death Metal combo formed by ex members of Rebaelliun and Nephasth, announces new album and upcoming European tour. Band is confirmed on the Funeral Nation Tour 2009 supporting Marduk and Vader over 9 European countries. The tour will take place between September and October to promote their sophomore release "Kill The Betrayers", to be released on the 29th of September. New album comes faster and more punishing and a great follow up to their debut "Weaponize" (2007), with ear catching tempo changes, progressive oriented guitar leads and strong refrains. Art cover designed by Brazilian artist Marcelo HVC (Vader, Gorgoroth).

Track Listing
1. Progeny
2. Whipped Crowned And Dead
3. Fevered Priests
4. Conspiracy
5. At One With Darkness
6. Hit The Weak
7. We Take Revenge
8. Kill The Betrayers
9. Silent Enemies
10. The Devil's Whip
11. Retaliation
12. Earth Burns